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This relates to the Statutory Redundancy Rebate that Employers may receive back from the Government, following redundancies in the work place. This said Rebate was originally 60% of the statutory redundancy amount paid to any employee and was a welcome relief to struggling employers. This rebate was, however, originally targeted in the last budget and the said rebate was slashed from 60% down to a mere 15%. Despite this massive drop, the rebate was still a factor that assisted employers who knew that such a sum would be recompensed to them after the statutory redundancy amount had been paid over to the employee. This year’s budget has however, decided to remove the rebate in its entirety. This means that despite the employer discharging it’s obligation to pay employees being made redundant their statutory entitlement of 2 weeks pay for every year of service together with one weeks pay, they will now not receive any form of rebate on this sum from the Government. This proposed amendment is due to take effect from the 1st January 2013 and will effect any redundancies after that date. It will take time to ascertain what effects the removal of this rebate will have, however, one thing is certain and that is that this is another blow to all employers in such difficult economic trading conditions.

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