We would like to thank Alastair Purdy & Co, for the professional and outstanding legal and HR services that their employment team have provided to us for many years now. For businesses today navigating employment law issues is tough, demanding and fast-paced. Through our working relationship with Alastair Purdy & Co, we are able to foresee, understand and solve these problems in accordance with our company needs, expectations, and they are able to do so in an efficient and excellent manner.
It is always a great comfort to us as a company to know we can rely upon Alastair Purdy & Co for legal advice and judgment.
On a more personal note, we very much enjoy working with Alastair Purdy & Co, especially with Robin Hyde . His dedication, concern and interest in the Company is very much appreciated. In summary, Alastair Purdy & Co have earned our most enthusiastic recommendation and are very pleased to have them as a part of our legal team.