Data Subject Access Solution

Two years since the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations in 2016, the usage of Data Subject Access Requests (‘DSAR’) by employees has increased substantially. Often utilised in anticipation of contentious internal and/or external employment disputes, this once routine search for personal data has become somewhat complicated following the rebranding of the Data Protection Acts in 2018 and the modernisation of the defined term, ‘data’, particularly for organisations that do not have the necessary knowledge, tools or resources to meet that demand.

As a result, time spent complying with DSARs has increased dramatically for businesses, on average costing an employer in or around €5,000 per request. This seems to be directly correlated with the onerous nature of the Data Protection Acts 1988-2018 and the level of risk associated with non-compliance. As a consequence, employers have elected to error on the side of caution when discharging the DSAR, by seeking outside legal advices and assistance from 3rd parties to assess and redact irrelevant information so as to ensure that other personal data is not prejudiced.

In order to simplify the process, Alastair Purdy & Co has introduced a bespoke solution to enable employers and businesses to conduct DSARs more accurately and expediently for their data subjects. With latest commercial tech, Alastair Purdy & Co shall provide the platform for your business to manage all DSARs, so as to alleviate any potential liability that may arise. As part of this risk management service, the firm will facilitate the transfer of employee data by way of a secure cloud transfer, examine all necessary documentation, categorise the employee data, electronically redact any unrelated prejudicial data that may expose the employer and present the finalised product in accordance with the mandated format.

Alastair Purdy & Co shall offer this service on a fixed fee basis per DSAR. Alternatively, you may elect to avail of our annual service, which includes the management and completion of unlimited DSARs throughout the year as part of the on-call subscription. For further enquires into the available packages, feel free to contact our offices.







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