Following recent legislative changes and case law development, mediation has been placed under the spotlight by Irish Courts as the first option of dispute resolution for all potential litigants.

By virtue of the Mediation Act 2017, all solicitors must advise their clients in a dispute of the advantages of mediation and how to access a mediator prior to issuing proceedings.  This applies to all Court jurisdictions including at tribunal level.


What We Provide

For all parties mediation, may act as a more expedient and often, cost effective solution for employers.  In the employment sphere, mediation offers a solution for long standing employee disputes arising out of inter alia bullying and harassment allegations, long term absence, or act as a preventative mechanism during the infancy of potential contentious employment disputes.

At Alastair Purdy & Co, we are in a position to offer both employers and employees expert representation during mediation.

In addition, Alastair Purdy, the firms principal, with over 30 years in experience in managing employee and employer relations, is available to act as mediator for employment disputes. As part of his election, our firm is able to facilitate mediation either remotely or in our offices in Galway or Dublin.


Smaller Organisation Solution [“SOS”]

Here at Alastair Purdy & Co, we understand that smaller organisations often struggle with resolving workplace disputes internally due to the close proximity of workers and the requirement to ensure independence at each stage of a grievance and disciplinary process. As such, outsourcing the investigation or mediation process has become more common for SME’s. In order to support its client base, our firm is in a position to act as mediator and host mediation for employers. In doing so, our firms aim to resolve issues during the infancy stage so as to eliminate the risk of the matter escalating to the Workplace Relations Commission and beyond.

For a breakdown of costs or a copy of our firms proposed mediation agreement, feel free to contact our offices here.


Recent Notable Works

  • Consultant v Galway Clinic
  • Employee v Glenstal School
  • Employee v Greenhills Credit Union
  • Employee v A Solicitors Practice 
  • Employee v Brennans Bread
  • Two Employees v A Hotel








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