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For over 15 years, Alastair Purdy & Co have offered their clients an on-call client subscription service. The purpose of this service is to provide employers with ongoing employment law advices as well expertise on all areas concerning HR. By opting into this service, organisations can expect real time results without the concern of fluctuating costs.



As part of the on-call service – our firm will provide all organisations with an indemnity towards all advice and representation, should matters proceed to the adjudication, mediation or conciliation before the  Workplace Relations Commission or Labour Court.

The benefits of this service are that, rather than being fixed with large once off legal bills, organisations may  avail of ongoing employment law advice along with other advices fully catered for within the fixed monthly charge which allows clients to budget annually at a fixed cost for all their employment law and HR needs.

In determining the fixed monthly subscription applicable to your firm, a number of factors are taken into consideration such as the needs of the organisation and the number of employees employed.


What we provide

Full details of the on-call subscription include:

  • On demand and ongoing employment law advices
  • Direct contact with a practicing solicitor and expert in employment law and HR, not limited to telephone consults, Teams Meetings and links to the assigned solicitors calendar
  • Tiered options of allotted time tailored to your organisation: 
    • up to 8 hours a month
    • up to 15 hours a month
    • unlimited
  • Ongoing assessment of all internal employment documentation not limited to company handbooks, contracts of employment, senior executive agreements, compromise/ severance agreements and employment related forms
  • Tailored made employee handbook
  • Consultation and examination of all relevant HR documentation
  • Access to a wide range of employment and HR form templates, including the latest employment policies in areas such as COVID-19, Remote Working, Right to Disconnect, Anti-Bullying, Protected Disclosures and Data Protection
  • Provision of monthly updates regarding all matters of employment law, including legislative changes, government announcements, codes of practice and employment legislation
  • Unlimited Representation before the Workplace Relations Commission, Labour Court and any enforcement proceedings before the District Court (excluding outlay)
  • Reduced legal costs in respect of the client’s own costs before the Circuit Court and High Court.








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