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Litigation Dispute Resolution

Disputes are part and parcel of business life. The resolution of those disputes in a quick cost effective manner is usually of benefit to all businesses involved in a dispute and should be the goal of the respective lawyers. Unfortunately very often the manner in which the dispute is handled becomes more important than the goal of quick, cost efficient resolution. At Alastair Purdy & Co we never lose focus on the client’s best interest.

Alastair Purdy & Co Solicitors act for businesses in all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution including:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Civil & Commercial Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Personal Injury Defence Litigation

Alastair Purdy & Co Solicitors through its highly qualified personnel offers businesses comprehensive and expert advice on all aspects of Dispute Resolution.

Alastair Purdy & Co Solicitors offers its service in a friendly, business like manner with an emphasis on keeping its clients fully informed of the issues affecting the matter in hand. The service is always client focussed and results driven.

The Alastair Purdy & Co team will bring experience, common sense and innovative solutions to Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

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