At Alastair Purdy & Co we pride ourselves on our in house expertise provided in the area of employment law, covering all aspects of the employment relationship, from the management of contentious disputes to providing concise advices on legislative compliance.

We do not consider ourselves just your solicitors, but an integral part of your organisation

Our Employment Services


Navigating the ever-changing landscape of employment law requires strategic guidance. As your employment law partner of choice, our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailored advice that meets the specific needs of your organisation.

What We Provide:

  • Contracts of employment
  • Disciplinary procedures and grievance management
  • Anti-bullying and harassment procedures
  • Complex workplace investigations
  • Handling protected disclosures
  • Trade union recognition and dispute resolution
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Sexual harassment complaints
  • Remote and flexible working solutions
  • Equality in the workplace
  • Working time, rest breaks, and protective leave
  • Absence management
  • Data protection and GDPR compliance
  • HR support services, including training and policy drafting
  • Termination agreements and restrictive covenants
  • Single and collective redundancies
  • Transfer of undertakings


Data Protection

In the wake of GDPR implementation, data protection has become a critical concern for organisations. At our law firm, we provide expert guidance to help employers navigate data compliance, data protection impact assessments, data breaches and data policy drafting.

Our Services Include:

  • Data management strategy and security under relevant data laws
  • Data protection impact assessments
  • Drafting data protection workplace policies, privacy statements, and more
  • Drafting data controller to data processor agreements
  • Guidance on data access requests
  • Assistance with Data Protection Commission investigations and complaints
  • Assessing and reporting potential data breaches
  • Compliance with data protection and European cookie laws
  • Protection against unlawful disclosure and access of personal data


Workplace Disputes

We understand that managing employment relationships can be complex. Our expertise legal team provides tailored advice on all aspects of employment law, from dispute resolution to legislative compliance.

Our Services Include:

  • Guiding through workplace investigations
  • Disciplinary process management
  • Protected disclosures and grievance resolution
  • Mediation representation for employers
  • Representation before Workplace Relations Commission, Labour Court, and Civil Courts for various claims
  • Defence against civil claims, including breach of contract and gender discrimination referrals


Workplace Health & Safety

In today’s evolving work environment, ensuring the health and safety of employees is paramount. Our law firm, offers guidance on compliance with relevant legislation and best practices.

Our Services Include:

  • Compliance with Health, Safety, and Welfare at Work Act 2005
  • Anti-Bullying Workplace Policy and Flexible/Remote Working Policy
  • Safety statements and risk assessments
  • Defence against health and safety penalisation claims
  • Assistance in workplace accidents and injury management
  • Guidance and assistance with Health, and Safety Authority inspections and prosecution


Health & Safety In The Workplace

With the advancement of technology, our offices recognise that the traditional concept and understanding of the “workplace” has become more complicated than ever. With remote working and employees having instant access to their devices, the lines between employees working time and personal time have become blurred. As a result employers responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their employees, clients and potentially members of the public, have never been more onerous and critical. At Alastair Purdy & Co, we are in a position to guide and advise organisations through the obstacles presented by such modern day hurdles.

What We Provide

  • Guidance for employers through the provisions of the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (as amended)
  • Guidance for employers on the Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work Order 2020
  • Provision of Anti Bullying Workplace Policy, Flexible and Remote Working Policy
  • Working time and the maintenance of adequate working time records
  • Assistance with Safety Statements and Risk Assessments
  • Defence of heath and safety penalisation claims before the Workplace Relations Commission and Labour Court
  • Advice and guidance throughout all stages of the workplace accident and any potential injury thereafter
  • Management and guidance for organisations subject to inspections and prosecution by the Health and Safety Authority
  • Advice and guidance of remote working work stations for employees


Our team have extensive experience in supporting employers across a range of industry, not limited financial services, construction and food processing in defence of claims and inspections by the Health and Safety Authority as well claims for penalisation and working time before the before the Workplace Relations Commission and Labour Court.


Mediation is a powerful tool in resolving disputes. Our law firm, offers expert representation for both employers and employees.

Furthermore, Alastair Purdy S.C, is available as a mediator with over 30 years of experience in employee and employer relations.


Workplace Compliance

Preventing disputes starts from the beginning of the employment relationship. We provide practical advice to help clients meet required standards under evolving employment law.

Our Services Include:

  • Employment legislation compliance
  • Assisting with HSA and WRC inspections
  • Drafting of key workplace documentation, contracts, policies and standard HR letters


Client Driven Solutions

Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)

Since the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations in 2016, the use of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) has surged. Our law firm recognises the challenges businesses face in managing these requests effectively and cost-efficiently.

Our DSAR solution offers:

  • Streamlined DSAR process using cutting-edge AI technology
  • Secure cloud transfer for data handling
  • Thorough examination and categorisation of employee data and data sets
  • Expert redaction to protect third party or sensitive information
  • Finalised product delivered in mandated format


We offer this service on a fixed-fee basis per DSAR or through our on call subscription service. Contact our offices for more details.

Workplace Investigations


When an investigation is required, the reputational, legal or financial stakes for an organisation are high. In an increasingly complex legal and regulatory landscape, dealing with the intricacies of workplace investigations can be fraught with difficulties. Appointing an external investigator with the experience and the skills to conduct an investigation is often the best way to navigate these issues. Our firm has a longstanding record of working with employers to complete complex investigations with minimum disruption.

We are highly experienced at conducting investigations in a way which ensures that the facts are uncovered and all parties are treated fairly. This helps to ensure that appropriate action can be taken and all risks to the business are identified.


We are highly experiences across the full spectrum of workplace investigations, from bullying, harassment, misconduct to dishonesty, expenses, financial fraud, health and safety or data breaches.

Investigations can be undertaken on an open or a legally privileged basis.

We are ideally placed to deal with all legal challenges that can arise during investigation processes – for example, data protection, privilege or regulatory issues.

We understand that conducting workplace investigations can put a strain on valuable resources, which is why we offer businesses tailored, practical and effective solutions, providing accurate timescales and fee estimates at every step.  As a technology focused firm, we provide a cost effective and innovative solution for our clients.


  1. The preparation of thorough and practical terms of reference which will guide the investigation;
  2. Thorough and professional interviews with the relevant parties;
  3. Evidence based and legally sound decision making;
  4. The preparation of a comprehensive investigation report which will deal with the relevant issues in a fair, logical and legally compliant manner.


On Call Subscription

Since 2006, Our employment team has provided our clients with an on-call subscription service, offering ongoing employment law advice and HR expertise. This subscription ensures real-time fixed cost support without concerns of hourly rates. Benefits include:

  • On demand access to employment law solicitor and advices
  • Indemnity for advice and representation in adjudication, mediation, or conciliation before WRC or Labour Court
  • Tailored solutions and assessment of internal employment documentation
  • Access to a wide range of employment and HR form templates
  • Provision of monthly updates on employment law matters


SME Mediation

Smaller organisations often face challenges in resolving workplace disputes internally. Our law firm offers mediation services to help SMEs navigate these issues effectively. Our aim is to resolve matters early on, reducing the risk of escalation to formal proceedings.

As managing partner, Alastair Purdy S.C, accredited with CEDR, is in a position to both advise and lead mediations so as to achieve the desired solution for all parties involved.

For cost breakdowns or a copy of our proposed mediation agreement, please contact our offices.

Recent works include the following:

  • Consultant v Galway Clinic
  • Employee v Glenstal School
  • Employee v Greenhills Credit Union
  • Employee v A Solicitors Practice
  • Employee v Brennans Bread
  • Two Employees v A Hotel



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